Anna Sui Cosmetics : Makeup Haul in NYC

Anna Sui Cosmetics Haul

Anna Sui Cosmetics Haul

Last past month I was very lucky to finally meet up in person with my dear friend of seven years, Claire! Claire is from Paris and we’ve been trying to get together for a long time now but it’s very rare when she visits the US and I have not been able to hop a plane and take a trip to France yet (hopefully soon) so when she told me she was coming to NYC for a few days and asked if I’d like to come hang out with her, I jumped at the chance! We each had our lovely moms with us and we enjoyed a great lunch at a cute restaurant in SoHo before walking down to Little Italy and stopping at some shops along the way.

You probably know by now if you read my blog often or are following my Instagram feed that I love to shop for makeup! So of course I made sure we stopped in the Anna Sui flagship store on 113 Greene Street in SoHo. Picture this as I quote Molly Noonan’s review for NYMag:

“Past the soot-black storefront, the stained glass windows, and the purple flag fluttering above the front door, Anna Sui’s unconventional store packs rock-and-roll edge, Prohibition-era glamour, and cabaret dancer-sensuality into one alluring room. In the front, customers browse the cosmetics counter and, in the back, a row of antique black-lacquered tables showcasing Sui’s modern art deco jewelry designs. Under the blaring hard rock soundtrack and framed rock band posters, Sui’s signature petite-framed floral and eyelet dresses—many accented with black lace or ruffle details—hang neatly in the shop’s center, while in the corners, brightly-hued mohair jackets and oversized, hand-detailed purses hang on silver coat racks in spontaneous fashion, as if in a downtown doll’s boudoir. Back by the old Hollywood-gone-Goth fitting rooms, find an impressive display of vintage-inspired peep toe pumps in nearly every texture and print imaginable. Anna Sui’s cosmetics and fragrance are the most sought after items in the store. Specifically designed to enhance Asian skin tones and facial features, the line includes glittery eye shadows in bright 80s palettes like lemon yellow, turquoise, and hot pink, plus bold nail polish colors.”

If you’re ever in the NYC area and have time to visit this beautiful boutique, you won’t be disappointed. Take a peek at some pics I snapped while shopping:

Anna Sui, boutique, NYC, SoHo, makeup, cosmetics, shopping

A plethora of Anna Sui cosmetics from the flagship boutique in SoHo


Anna Sui, makeup, cosmetics, shopping

Shopping for some gorgeous Anna Sui makeup with my girl Claire!

Now, on to what I purchased! It was hard to choose a few items as I wanted EVERYTHING I laid my eyes on but I am really trying to be good lately with making new purchases, weed through my makeup collection and purge what I do not use anymore or give away some things that didn’t work for me. I knew I wanted to try one of Anna Sui’s perfumes because they all smell amazing and I’ve heard a ton of positive reviews in the past. The display was adorable and the packaging of these bottles is beyond cute but my eye immediately went towards the newest fragrance, La Vie De Bohème, which is $65 for 1.7 oz. The scent of La Vie De Bohème is described as “a blend of feminine pink florals, rich burgundy berries, and a kiss of electrifying, sensual woods” and I totally agree. It’s fun and flirty yet sexy and powerful at the same time. My kind of fragrance! The neat thing is that I received an adorable tin box shaped like a vintage gypsy caravan that housed the perfume when I bought it! I’ll use the tin to hold some lip glosses and then display it on my vanity because it’s too adorable to hide away!

La Vie De Bohème

La Vie De Bohème

Next I was drawn to their adorable loose powders in shiny black floral carved containers. They had three shades and a limited edition protective shade in a white duo-chrome container. They cost $33 for 0.56 oz. I bought Claire the translucent purple shade called Purple Lucent and I got the shade Light Beige which doesn’t have any luminescence to it since I have oily skin to begin with and perfer a matte finish. The best thing about these powders aside from the adorable packaging and puff? They have that signature Anna Sui rose scent to them. It’s not an overwhelming scent either and it won’t linger. I actually love it- it’s like a fresh rose and sometimes I just open the container on my vanity and take a whiff to remind me of the fun day I spent in the city with Claire!

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder in 701 Light Beige

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder in 701 Light Beige

Claire then wanted to buy me something in return to have as a souvenir of sorts from our city trip so she purchased one of Anna’s GORGEOUS lipsticks in the color 205 which is a stunning berry pink with hot pink glitter throughout. I must say, this shade is truly a standout and I do not own anything even close to it in my collection! Again, they come in the most beautiful packaging and smell like rose complete with a tiny rose topper on the end of the tube! Too cute! I then picked up an additional shade in 305 which is a brighter yellow-based pink, more for everyday wear. Each cost $30 for your typical 0.11 oz of lipstick.

Anna Sui Lipstick in 250 and 305

Anna Sui Lipstick in 250 and 305

And I must say, the girl at the counter helping us was so wonderful! She took her time explaining each product to us, letting us test out anything we wanted and even took our photo for Instagram before we left! With amazing customer service like that, you know I’ll be back! Overall, I am so impressed with everything I picked up from my visit to Anna Sui’s shop in SoHo and I know Claire is loving her purple translucent loose face powder as well! I can tell you now, the lipsticks are out-of-this-world and for sure I have my eye on some additonal colors in the collection. Next time I plan to be in NYC, I will most likely pick some up and do a giveaway for a few of my lucky followers here on my blog and social media accounts to share the love!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Anna Sui cosmetics haul and I hope you get the chance to try some of her fantastic makeup and perfume yourself! If you have alrready, please leave me a comment below and let me know which products from the line you love!

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Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains – First Impression and Swatches

Have you guys heard the news that Revlon is jumping on the “gloss/gel/stain” bandwagon and just released a new collection called Colorstay Moisture Stain to their permanent line? I found these at my local Harmon/Face Values today in Central NJ and just had to pick some up to test out. I’m already a BIG FAN of YSL’s Glossy Stains and Maybelline’s Color Elixirs and I had a feeling these ones from Revlon would be similar.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in LA Exclusive, India Intrigue, Miami Fever and Rio Rush

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in LA Exclusive, India Intrigue, Miami Fever and Rio Rush

I’ll keep this short since it’s only a first impressions post, but I wanted to show you swatches on my lips for four out of the twelve colors I bought:

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in LA Exclusive, India Intrigue, Miami Fever and Rio Rush

From top: Rio Rush, Miami Fever, India Intrigue, and LA Exclusive

If I were to compare these to the Maybelline Color Elixirs, I would say they are similar, with even more of a “gel-like” feel to them. The Elixirs are more “gloss-like” in my opinion. The four colors I bought are definitely pigmented and go on fairly easy with the wide doe foot applicator and only needed about two swipes to become opaque and build up nicely. I’ve been wearing Rio Rush for about three hours now and it STILL has a beautiful shine and feels very comfortable. Not drying one bit!

There is a subtle scent when first applying these: reminds me of craft paint but luckily it fades very quickly and then there is no scent or taste at all. They also glide on with almost a cooling sensation but not tingly or minty- just cool. I am assuming that’s the “gel” properties in them?

As for stain power, since, well “stain” is in their name, I can tell you this: The darker, more vibrant shades like Rio Rush and India Intrigue definitely leave behind a slight stain but it’s nothing compared to say, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I think because these are meant to pack a color punch, last longer than a typical gloss AND be moisturizing, that’s most likely the reason they do not leave a darker stain, which for me, I’m happy about!

Stop over to my Instagram @kskybeauty and see more pics along with a photo I took of the display and all twelve shades in this collection! My Instagram feed is ALWAYS packed with the latest makeup/beauty finds, FOTDs, swatches for high-end and drugstore makeup and lots of beauty tips and pictorials! PLUS it’s updated multiple times a day, so make sure you follow me!

So have you found these babies in your local drugstore yet and which colors are you most interested in? Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts and as always, thanks for stopping by!