Tawes Creek Soap Company Review

For a few weeks now, I’ve had the pleasure of testing and trying out some great samples from Tawes Creek Soap Company, a small, handcrafted soap and beauty product business located here in NJ. Carol and her daughter Erin are friends of a close friend of mine and when my first daughter was born last year, I received some samples of baby products from their “Sapling” line to try with my girlfriend who also has a baby the same age. I immediately LOVED everything we tried (and not just for use on my little one! Even my husband was loving the creams and lotions!) so I knew I had to place a full order for some of my favorites.

When I contacted Carol recently to tell her how much I particularly LOVED her “Baby Bump Butter” and that I wanted to purchase a full size, she gave me more information about how awesome and unique their company and products really are compared to soaps, lotions and creams I was buying from mass retailers. Then she sent me a ton of awesome, deluxe size samples with my order so I could test out even more of their offerings! I knew I had to blog about Tawes Creek at that moment because it’s very rare in this day and age to come across a company, even a small business, who not only puts out excellent products that work but a company who really does care about their customers!

Take a peek at all the goodies that came with my recent purchase:

Tawes Creek Soap Company

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

First, my favorite two items and what I had ordered from their website, Baby Bump Butter and Whipped Mango Body Butter:

Tawes Creek Body Butters

Tawes Creek Body Butters

I could rave about this stuff forever! Their Baby Bump Butter ($9.95 for 2 oz.) is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil and is originally intended for use during pregnancy on your “bump” to help protect and nourish your tummy while preventing stretch marks. However, this past winter into the spring, I was using my small sample (which lasted a longgg time!) on my cracked hands as well as some slight eczema on my daughter’s legs and arms. Worked like a charm! No other lotion or cream- not even my organic pricy baby brands- could help clear away her dry patches but this stuff did the trick within a matter of days. And if I switched back to my other creams for her, the dry skin would make an appearance again! See how creamy it is and it melts right into your skin in the photo above? Just love it! The scent is ah-maz-ing too! Their Whipped Mango Body Butter (also $9.95 for 2 oz.) has been great this summer for relieving insect bites as well as healing skin rash and peeling after sunburn! I expected it to have a really fruity scent but it has more of a “natural” light scent so if you shy away from anything mango, you might want to try this anyway because mango butter has some fantastic properties to it that are really beneficial to your skin!

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

Next up, Tawes Creek’s soaps, powder, facial masks and creams and body scrubs! I’d say Tawes is most known for their wonderful handmade soaps and they offer a huge variety on their site. I was lucky enough to try a lot of them thanks to Carol, but hands-down, my most favorite of the bunch has to be “Waimea Bay”!!! One sniff and you’ll know why I’m so in love! Tropical, sweet, yet clean and fresh at the same time… Ahhh I could use this in my shower every day! I’m actually all out now so I’ll need to place a new order soon but I love the way this soap conditioned my skin, never left it feeling dry or filmy and I never noticed any residue left on my shower walls either, which is a pet peeve of mine with other bars of soap. I also enjoyed the soap called “Jersey Fresh” because it reminds me of the ocean and salt water air scent down here at the shore where I live! All of Tawes Creek’s soaps are very moisturizing and have soft scents that are not overpowering. Give them a try- you won’t be disappointed!

As for their body and foot scrubs, another hit! I plan on using these more in the winter when I get dry skin, but I did like the way the Menthol Foot Scrub felt on my feet when I worked it in- very relaxing after a long day! What I am using a lot during the hot summer months is their Rose Geranium Body Powder right after I get out of the shower. Sprinkle a tiny bit of this on your upper back, shoulders and décolletage… you won’t be sweaty as the day goes on! It’s light and refreshing with a hint of rose scent, which you all know I love, and the best part? TALC FREE!

I did enjoy using the samples of Tawes Creek’s face creams and masks and they never made me break out, which is a blessing because I have acne-prone, oily skin and always have a terrible time finding face products that won’t irrate my skin! My favorite from the bunch? Their Silky Face & Body Cream which I will say is a VERY CLOSE DUPE to LUSH’s Vanishing Cream which goes for $40+! The light weight feel was so nice and I loved how it gave me instant moisture where I needed it! I plan on trying out some other face creams from Tawes in the near future because I want to see how I’ll do after using them a good month or so. Will keep you updated!

Other awesome samples that Carol gave me to try and I loved were their yummy cocoa butter and coconut oil lip balm and Ladies Shave Soap, which, you guessed it, is a bar of soap that you use to lather up your legs or underarms and then you have a nice, thick foam to protect your skin while saving. She also let my husband try the men’s version and he loved it! Same wonderful, all-natural ingredients found in their soaps but with a foaming property that feels so cool when you apply! The only sample I have yet to try and I’m excited about is their Tub Tea which you drop in your bath right before getting in and it will not only soothe and nourish your skin, but the aromatherapy provided by the natural ingredients will help your mind start to relax as well. I just haven’t found the time to take an actual bath yet with my busy schedule and chasing my 15 month old around but I plan on doing so soon!

Overall, I am super impressed by all of these wonderful samples that Carol from Tawes Creek Soap Company gave to me after my recent order and I highly recommend checking out their website, www.tawescreeksoap.com, if you’re interested in any of the products I’ve mentoned today in my post. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about a particular product, as I probably left out a few details here and there but I didn’t want to make this post too long. And Carol is so lovely to speak with, so I know you can message her through their site or on their Facebook page as well and she’ll get right back to you. If you do end up trying anything, please come back and leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! I love hearing what other’s think about products I’m passionate about and have thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks so much for stopping by!