Mini Review: Spring 2014 Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Brush

I want to start a new feature here at K Sky Beauty where once a week (shooting for once a week!!!) I upload a new “Mini Review” post on a beauty product I am using at the moment. Only a few paragraphs and photos giving you a quick summary on that product in case you were curious about it as well and wanted feedback.

Today I have the first mini review on the new Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Brush from their Spring 2014 collection which comes in a display with four other brushes like this:

Wet n Wild Brush Display

The new 2014 Wet n Wild brush collection display I found at my local Harmon Discount

Awesome colors, right? I only picked up the eyeshadow brush (I spell it “eyeshadow” but I see a lot of cosmetic companies also spell it “eye shadow”) because the face brushes, to be honest, looked a little flimsy to me and not as dense as the ones I own from MAC, Sigma, Real Techniques, etc. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of quality for such a cheap price-point (99¢ to $2.99) and from a drugstore brand.

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Brush

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Brush

Boy was I wrong! Made from natural hair fibers with a sturdy wooden handle, this brush performs better than my MAC 239 shader brush and my MAC 242 and it’s also a little wider so it can cover more area! I have been using the WnW brush to pack both cream, pigment and powder shadow on my lid and also to blend into my transition area or into my outer v area and I am super impressed! This brush picks up a TON of product very easily which is nice so you don’t have to keep going back and dipping into the pan. I also found- even with notoriously flaky shadows- that it helps minimize fallout because the brush really grabs the shadow. I was able to build up color in no time and evenly blend it out, which is exactly what you’d want in a shader/packing brush this shape and size.

As for being able to clean this brush: I had no issues with my normal cleaning method (dip and swirl in 91% isopropyl alcohol, then baby shampoo and water to rinse) and after using and cleaning it a few times now, I see no wear and tear, shedding or missing bristles. Time will tell in that department, but for 99¢? You can’t go wrong. In fact, I’m going to see if I can track down another one or two to keep on hand- they’re THAT good so I highly suggest you give this brush a try if you find it! I might even pick up the remaining three other brushes and give them a try as well!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me and please leave me a comment below letting me know if you’ve tried any of these brushes and what your experience has been!