Boots No7 Foundation & Concealer Review PLUS New Match Made Service Available At Walgreens

Before I get to my review on some amazing new foundations I’ve been loving, let me ask you a question: How hard is it for you to find your perfect foundation shade at the drugstore? Displays filled with tons of shades and formulas from lots of different brands line the walls when you walk into the cosmetics department and often it’s a daunting task to try and pick out just the right shade, especially with those horrible fluorescent lights overhead. Great news my dear readers: Boots No7 is coming to select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations in the New York area and bringing along an awesome new service that will help you find your perfect shade AND formula with the help of their specially trained Beauty Experts and a handy little device shown below:

No7 Foundation Match Made Service from Boots

No7 Foundation Match Made Service from Boots

Previously, I have only ever seen such a cool service offered at Sephora where their device would match you to a specific Pantone color which correlated to the different brands and formulas of foundation found within their store. But Boots wanted to bring that same convenience to the drugstore and offer a totally affordable option without skimping on the quality. Boots started this process by measuring the exact skin tone of more than 2,600 women around the world of all different ages and ethnicities which resulted in the development of a new shade palette of skin-true foundation shades unique to No7. Head into your local Walgreens and get matched to one of 17 different shades and four different foundation lines, based on your skin needs:

  • Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation provides medium coverage that blends easily to target advanced signs of aging.
  • Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Foundation targets the early signs of aging, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with medium coverage.
  • Boots No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation absorbs excess oil to create a flawless look.

I was psyched when I saw the new Boots No7 display at my local Walgreens down here at the Jersey Shore this past month. I knew I had to check out some of their products previously unavailable to me. A lot of Target locations already carry the No7 line but I think it’s going to be even more convenient having an additional display at Walgreens! One other thing I noticed immediately was that every single product and shade within the display had a tester right in front of it! How awesome is that? No more guesswork! No more returns! Take a peek:

No7 Display

The new No7 display at my local Walgreens

I was able to test out some wonderful products that I’m really loving at the moment. First, I’ve been using No7’s Protect & Perfect Serum ($24.99) for over a week now in the morning and at night before I put on my moisturizer and I really like the way my skin is reacting to it. It feels like it is smoothing my skin and I definitely notice it feels softer to the touch now. I also am testing out their Photo Fix Primer ($19.99) which seems to be a great dupe for Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer but with a thinner consistency, which I enjoy. It’s also not as silcion-y as the Smashbox version so I don’t feel like it’s clogging my pores which is great.

No7 Foundations & Skincare

No7 Foundations & Skincare

Sometimes during the hot summer months, I don’t want a lot of product on my face or just feel like having a no-makeup makeup type of a look going on. That being said, having perfect skin is the main goal with this look so I’m please to tell you all, No7’s Beautifully Matte Foundation ($13.99) is hands-down, my new favorite! One of my all-time loves will always be Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation, but at $37, I can’t always afford to keep it in my weekly rotation. DUPE ALERT! I was sooo impressed with No7’s version! It feels very similar going on the skin, gives amazing full coverage without looking cakey or feeling heavy and it evened out my skin tone! And the best part? It lasted all day long on my typically oily and acne-pron skin! Yup! No breakdowns around my t-zone, no extra oil production and it never oxidized or turned a deeper color after being on my face for hours. I am able to get 12+ hours of wear with this foundation and it also has not broken me out once. I’ve been loving this stuff for over a week now!

Easy FOTD featuring makeup from No7

Easy FOTD featuring makeup from No7

I’m currently testing out No7’s Lift & Luminate Foundation ($14.99) as well and again, I’m super impressed! It’s a lighter consistency in a pump glass bottle like the Beautifully Matte, but it gives medium coverage that I’m sure you can build up if needed. It also leaves my skin with a very subtle dewy glow, which is nice for days when I don’t need a totally matte complexion. I’ll update as time goes on with this one, but so far, I really like it and it has also lasted all day without changing color or breaking down around my oily areas, although with the Lift & Luminate, I do like to blot my face for excess oil throughout the day to help keep my skin looking fresh.

Some other fantastic products I’m loving from Boots No7’s line is their Stay Perfect Blemish Cover which is in a stick form and has a cream-to-powder consistency. It covers my acne marks so well and blends beautifully with a soft touch from your finger tips. Plus, I know I found the perfect shade that won’t clash with my foundation and call attention to my problem areas like some concealers tend to do. I’m enjoying their Stay Perfect Mascara ($8.99) too at the moment. Take a peek at that precise brush head in my photo above. It separates my lashes so well, it’s not goopy or too thick and it doesn’t clump. I found it gave me really nice, dark lashes with a lot of volume. My only wish is that it had a little more lengthening properties to it, as my lashes tend to be short and I love that long lash look. But this is great for my everyday makeup routine and I found it very easy to remove at the end of the day. And, it never gave me the dreaded raccoon eyes! Finally, if you’re a huge fan of chubby lip crayons, check out No7’s High Shine Lip Crayon ($9.99). In the photo above, I used the color called “Daydreamer” which is the perfect “my lips but better” shade on me. Loved the instant hydration, it did NOT dry my lips out like some other chubby crayons have done in the past, and the color, though very light and neutral, definitely stayed in place on me for a good 4 hours before I ate my lunch and needed to retouch afterward.

It’s great that drugstore brands are finally recognizing the need to be able to easily match our skin tone shades before we make a purchase and I have to give a lot of credit and praise to Boots No7 for bringing this amazing service, along with testers built into their displays, to our favorite locations! I wanted to share this exciting news with my readers as well as give you some quick reviews on the products I have from Boots. Please go check out your local Walgreens and Duane Reade locations if you’re in the New York area and let me know if you were able to have a Beauty Expert help you out and find your perfect skin tone match to any of the products in their line and how you like them. I do hope Boots No7 will continue to expand the shade range in their line to more options for very fair skin tones as well as deeper and darker skin tones. My location did not seem to have a lot on display for the extreme ends of the spectrum and I hope that changes. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’re curious about a particular No7 product that you’d like me to do a review on and thanks as always for stopping by!

Tawes Creek Soap Company Review

For a few weeks now, I’ve had the pleasure of testing and trying out some great samples from Tawes Creek Soap Company, a small, handcrafted soap and beauty product business located here in NJ. Carol and her daughter Erin are friends of a close friend of mine and when my first daughter was born last year, I received some samples of baby products from their “Sapling” line to try with my girlfriend who also has a baby the same age. I immediately LOVED everything we tried (and not just for use on my little one! Even my husband was loving the creams and lotions!) so I knew I had to place a full order for some of my favorites.

When I contacted Carol recently to tell her how much I particularly LOVED her “Baby Bump Butter” and that I wanted to purchase a full size, she gave me more information about how awesome and unique their company and products really are compared to soaps, lotions and creams I was buying from mass retailers. Then she sent me a ton of awesome, deluxe size samples with my order so I could test out even more of their offerings! I knew I had to blog about Tawes Creek at that moment because it’s very rare in this day and age to come across a company, even a small business, who not only puts out excellent products that work but a company who really does care about their customers!

Take a peek at all the goodies that came with my recent purchase:

Tawes Creek Soap Company

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

First, my favorite two items and what I had ordered from their website, Baby Bump Butter and Whipped Mango Body Butter:

Tawes Creek Body Butters

Tawes Creek Body Butters

I could rave about this stuff forever! Their Baby Bump Butter ($9.95 for 2 oz.) is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil and is originally intended for use during pregnancy on your “bump” to help protect and nourish your tummy while preventing stretch marks. However, this past winter into the spring, I was using my small sample (which lasted a longgg time!) on my cracked hands as well as some slight eczema on my daughter’s legs and arms. Worked like a charm! No other lotion or cream- not even my organic pricy baby brands- could help clear away her dry patches but this stuff did the trick within a matter of days. And if I switched back to my other creams for her, the dry skin would make an appearance again! See how creamy it is and it melts right into your skin in the photo above? Just love it! The scent is ah-maz-ing too! Their Whipped Mango Body Butter (also $9.95 for 2 oz.) has been great this summer for relieving insect bites as well as healing skin rash and peeling after sunburn! I expected it to have a really fruity scent but it has more of a “natural” light scent so if you shy away from anything mango, you might want to try this anyway because mango butter has some fantastic properties to it that are really beneficial to your skin!

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

Tawes Creek Soap Company Samples

Next up, Tawes Creek’s soaps, powder, facial masks and creams and body scrubs! I’d say Tawes is most known for their wonderful handmade soaps and they offer a huge variety on their site. I was lucky enough to try a lot of them thanks to Carol, but hands-down, my most favorite of the bunch has to be “Waimea Bay”!!! One sniff and you’ll know why I’m so in love! Tropical, sweet, yet clean and fresh at the same time… Ahhh I could use this in my shower every day! I’m actually all out now so I’ll need to place a new order soon but I love the way this soap conditioned my skin, never left it feeling dry or filmy and I never noticed any residue left on my shower walls either, which is a pet peeve of mine with other bars of soap. I also enjoyed the soap called “Jersey Fresh” because it reminds me of the ocean and salt water air scent down here at the shore where I live! All of Tawes Creek’s soaps are very moisturizing and have soft scents that are not overpowering. Give them a try- you won’t be disappointed!

As for their body and foot scrubs, another hit! I plan on using these more in the winter when I get dry skin, but I did like the way the Menthol Foot Scrub felt on my feet when I worked it in- very relaxing after a long day! What I am using a lot during the hot summer months is their Rose Geranium Body Powder right after I get out of the shower. Sprinkle a tiny bit of this on your upper back, shoulders and décolletage… you won’t be sweaty as the day goes on! It’s light and refreshing with a hint of rose scent, which you all know I love, and the best part? TALC FREE!

I did enjoy using the samples of Tawes Creek’s face creams and masks and they never made me break out, which is a blessing because I have acne-prone, oily skin and always have a terrible time finding face products that won’t irrate my skin! My favorite from the bunch? Their Silky Face & Body Cream which I will say is a VERY CLOSE DUPE to LUSH’s Vanishing Cream which goes for $40+! The light weight feel was so nice and I loved how it gave me instant moisture where I needed it! I plan on trying out some other face creams from Tawes in the near future because I want to see how I’ll do after using them a good month or so. Will keep you updated!

Other awesome samples that Carol gave me to try and I loved were their yummy cocoa butter and coconut oil lip balm and Ladies Shave Soap, which, you guessed it, is a bar of soap that you use to lather up your legs or underarms and then you have a nice, thick foam to protect your skin while saving. She also let my husband try the men’s version and he loved it! Same wonderful, all-natural ingredients found in their soaps but with a foaming property that feels so cool when you apply! The only sample I have yet to try and I’m excited about is their Tub Tea which you drop in your bath right before getting in and it will not only soothe and nourish your skin, but the aromatherapy provided by the natural ingredients will help your mind start to relax as well. I just haven’t found the time to take an actual bath yet with my busy schedule and chasing my 15 month old around but I plan on doing so soon!

Overall, I am super impressed by all of these wonderful samples that Carol from Tawes Creek Soap Company gave to me after my recent order and I highly recommend checking out their website,, if you’re interested in any of the products I’ve mentoned today in my post. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about a particular product, as I probably left out a few details here and there but I didn’t want to make this post too long. And Carol is so lovely to speak with, so I know you can message her through their site or on their Facebook page as well and she’ll get right back to you. If you do end up trying anything, please come back and leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! I love hearing what other’s think about products I’m passionate about and have thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anna Sui Cosmetics : Makeup Haul in NYC

Anna Sui Cosmetics Haul

Anna Sui Cosmetics Haul

Last past month I was very lucky to finally meet up in person with my dear friend of seven years, Claire! Claire is from Paris and we’ve been trying to get together for a long time now but it’s very rare when she visits the US and I have not been able to hop a plane and take a trip to France yet (hopefully soon) so when she told me she was coming to NYC for a few days and asked if I’d like to come hang out with her, I jumped at the chance! We each had our lovely moms with us and we enjoyed a great lunch at a cute restaurant in SoHo before walking down to Little Italy and stopping at some shops along the way.

You probably know by now if you read my blog often or are following my Instagram feed that I love to shop for makeup! So of course I made sure we stopped in the Anna Sui flagship store on 113 Greene Street in SoHo. Picture this as I quote Molly Noonan’s review for NYMag:

“Past the soot-black storefront, the stained glass windows, and the purple flag fluttering above the front door, Anna Sui’s unconventional store packs rock-and-roll edge, Prohibition-era glamour, and cabaret dancer-sensuality into one alluring room. In the front, customers browse the cosmetics counter and, in the back, a row of antique black-lacquered tables showcasing Sui’s modern art deco jewelry designs. Under the blaring hard rock soundtrack and framed rock band posters, Sui’s signature petite-framed floral and eyelet dresses—many accented with black lace or ruffle details—hang neatly in the shop’s center, while in the corners, brightly-hued mohair jackets and oversized, hand-detailed purses hang on silver coat racks in spontaneous fashion, as if in a downtown doll’s boudoir. Back by the old Hollywood-gone-Goth fitting rooms, find an impressive display of vintage-inspired peep toe pumps in nearly every texture and print imaginable. Anna Sui’s cosmetics and fragrance are the most sought after items in the store. Specifically designed to enhance Asian skin tones and facial features, the line includes glittery eye shadows in bright 80s palettes like lemon yellow, turquoise, and hot pink, plus bold nail polish colors.”

If you’re ever in the NYC area and have time to visit this beautiful boutique, you won’t be disappointed. Take a peek at some pics I snapped while shopping:

Anna Sui, boutique, NYC, SoHo, makeup, cosmetics, shopping

A plethora of Anna Sui cosmetics from the flagship boutique in SoHo


Anna Sui, makeup, cosmetics, shopping

Shopping for some gorgeous Anna Sui makeup with my girl Claire!

Now, on to what I purchased! It was hard to choose a few items as I wanted EVERYTHING I laid my eyes on but I am really trying to be good lately with making new purchases, weed through my makeup collection and purge what I do not use anymore or give away some things that didn’t work for me. I knew I wanted to try one of Anna Sui’s perfumes because they all smell amazing and I’ve heard a ton of positive reviews in the past. The display was adorable and the packaging of these bottles is beyond cute but my eye immediately went towards the newest fragrance, La Vie De Bohème, which is $65 for 1.7 oz. The scent of La Vie De Bohème is described as “a blend of feminine pink florals, rich burgundy berries, and a kiss of electrifying, sensual woods” and I totally agree. It’s fun and flirty yet sexy and powerful at the same time. My kind of fragrance! The neat thing is that I received an adorable tin box shaped like a vintage gypsy caravan that housed the perfume when I bought it! I’ll use the tin to hold some lip glosses and then display it on my vanity because it’s too adorable to hide away!

La Vie De Bohème

La Vie De Bohème

Next I was drawn to their adorable loose powders in shiny black floral carved containers. They had three shades and a limited edition protective shade in a white duo-chrome container. They cost $33 for 0.56 oz. I bought Claire the translucent purple shade called Purple Lucent and I got the shade Light Beige which doesn’t have any luminescence to it since I have oily skin to begin with and perfer a matte finish. The best thing about these powders aside from the adorable packaging and puff? They have that signature Anna Sui rose scent to them. It’s not an overwhelming scent either and it won’t linger. I actually love it- it’s like a fresh rose and sometimes I just open the container on my vanity and take a whiff to remind me of the fun day I spent in the city with Claire!

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder in 701 Light Beige

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder in 701 Light Beige

Claire then wanted to buy me something in return to have as a souvenir of sorts from our city trip so she purchased one of Anna’s GORGEOUS lipsticks in the color 205 which is a stunning berry pink with hot pink glitter throughout. I must say, this shade is truly a standout and I do not own anything even close to it in my collection! Again, they come in the most beautiful packaging and smell like rose complete with a tiny rose topper on the end of the tube! Too cute! I then picked up an additional shade in 305 which is a brighter yellow-based pink, more for everyday wear. Each cost $30 for your typical 0.11 oz of lipstick.

Anna Sui Lipstick in 250 and 305

Anna Sui Lipstick in 250 and 305

And I must say, the girl at the counter helping us was so wonderful! She took her time explaining each product to us, letting us test out anything we wanted and even took our photo for Instagram before we left! With amazing customer service like that, you know I’ll be back! Overall, I am so impressed with everything I picked up from my visit to Anna Sui’s shop in SoHo and I know Claire is loving her purple translucent loose face powder as well! I can tell you now, the lipsticks are out-of-this-world and for sure I have my eye on some additonal colors in the collection. Next time I plan to be in NYC, I will most likely pick some up and do a giveaway for a few of my lucky followers here on my blog and social media accounts to share the love!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Anna Sui cosmetics haul and I hope you get the chance to try some of her fantastic makeup and perfume yourself! If you have alrready, please leave me a comment below and let me know which products from the line you love!

Round Two: Remaining Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish Collection: Review & Swatches

Ok, I’m back with the remaining eight shades in the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish Collection for a review and swatches to show you all. It only took me FOUR MONTHS to hunt the rest of them down, LOL! I know most drugstores by me still only carry the original sixteen shades (you can see a review and swatches of those here if you missed my first post) so I had to purchase the rest from Luckily they had a BOGO 50% off sale for all Revlon cosmetics PLUS I had a 20% off your total purchase coupon… you know I love a bargain! Take a peek at the remaining eight below:

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish Collection

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish Collection – New Shades and Scents

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes

The Lineup

I’ll start off by saying that most of these shades are a cream formula and opaque with one to two coats which is nice. And like the original batch I reviewed, these all have pleasant scents as well (to me anyway… I know we all have different preferences). I’ve had these new polishes for a few weeks now so I’ve been able to play around with them and one thing I really wanted to try was the Top Coat Test to see if the scents would still be present under a layer of top coat. I am pleased to say that with the shades I tried: Lime Basil and Chocolate Truffle, the scents sure lasted! At first it dulled down the perfume oils in these and muted the smell. But after the top coat dried and a few hours went by, I could smell the scents coming back! Here’s the kicker: without a top coat, the perfume oils seem to dry up or fade after a few days like I wrote in my last review. However, with a top coat- I was able to get a FULL WEEK of scent coming off my nails. Weird, right? I did not expect that at all. I used one of my favorite top coats, Seche Vite too! And for anyone who’s familiar with Seche Vite, you know what a thick top coat that is! Going forward, I will definitely be using a top coat with these polishes because it helps the color last longer without chipping and keeps them shiny without losing their scent! Good to know!

Now, let’s get into each color and scent, shall we?

Revlon Parfumerie Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Truffle

First up, Chocolate Truffle: Ok, I’m not going to lie… this scent was my LEAST favorite of the group and the one I found to be the most disappointing especially after Revlon did such a great job with Autumn Spice which had a true chocolate note to it! Chocolate Truffle smells like fake chocolate syrup if that makes any sense? It doesn’t have the richness and deep cocoa notes you’d expect, but rather a too-sugary, too-commercial fragrance that reminds me of those chocolate scented markers from Mr. Sketch we all had growing up. As for the color? That’s entirely a different story! I LOVE this shade and this cream formula and it was one of my top three favorites from this bunch! Chocolate Truffle is a dark mocha that glides on so evenly and smooth. You could get away with just one coat if you’re in a hurry but with two, OMG! Perfection! I love the way this one looked on my nails and I’ve worn it twice so far!

Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon

Ginger Melon

Next we have Ginger Melon, a bright pinky-coral with a cream finish as well. Funny thing about Ginger Melon: this formula with one coat could almost pass for a jelly nail polish because you could still see my nail beds underneath. I might have to try a jelly-sandwhich with this one. 🙂 Ginger Melon applied nicely, smoothed out after a second or two and was opaque with the second coat. The scent? Light and sweet, less ginger and more melon as in watermelon. It reminds me of Bubblicious Watermelon gum but not as strong. In fact, if you’re not into scented nail polishes but love this hot coral color, give Ginger Melon a try anyway. The perfume oil in this one isn’t overwhelming at all.

Revlon Parfumerie Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom looks soooooo close to the shade of Ginger Melon in the bottle so if you don’t want to pick up every shade in this collection (What? You’re not a crazy makeup hoarder like me?!?) but like hot coral colors, I’d say go with one or the other. It’s true that Orange Blossom is of course… orange. But orange with more of a reddish tint. This cream formula went on very nicely as well and again, this scent is not overwhelming in any way. I get more floral than citrus with this polish, hence the “Blossom” in it’s name.

Revlon Parfumerie Powder Puff

Powder Puff

Ah… Powder Puff… such a GORGEOUS color- and so multifaceted too! This shade is NOT a cream formula, but instead has tiny shards of glitter (I say shards because there are no easily recognizable shapes to the glitters- they’re more like chopped up bits and pieces) throughout it’s light, baby pink base. The glitters remind me of mica particles and there are some blues, coppers and silvers mixed in which really go nicely with the soft pink! Please forgive my swatch above. I could not- for the life of me- take a decent photo of this polish to show you what I mean! But, I have seen some other great swatch photos online from other bloggers so do a search and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Powder Puff does not smell like baby powder as you’d expect. At least not to me! I get a powdery note in there, but it’s more floral, feminine and clean smelling. There was this perfume by Avon back in the 80s that had a similar smell… Sweet Honesty, maybe? I can’t remember exactly but this polish scent reminds me of that soft, light fragrance.

Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil

Lime Basil

Lime Basil is next and I’ve already read so many reviews saying how gross this polish smells. I tend to disagree. It’s different! I’ll say that! Lime Basil is one of the stronger scented polishes in this batch alongside Chocolate Truffle, Balsam Fir and Espresso. I don’t get a ton of basil from it but you can definitely pick out the citrus notes. This polish is almost candy-scented, like something you would eat. But fresh smelling at the same time. I also get a bit of a pine scent in here. Maybe that’s the basil herb coming through? The color? FABULOUS! I own a lot of greens in my nail polish collection but nothing like this! It’s not a teal but could look that way in certain lights. It’s not a Kelly green either. I’d say Lime Basil is a blue-toned bold green and the cream formula is opaque with only one coat. However, this particular polish did not go on as smooth as some of the other creams so keep that in mind.

Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir: MY FAVORITE!!! How stunning is this color?! To die for! A true “Army” green in my opinion. Not hunter- not jungle. Army green but nice and bright! Also one of the best cream formulas and a dream to apply. The scent? Amazing if you love winter/Christmas scents. There’s nothing negative I can say about this perfect little bottle of polish! Total dupe for Bath & Body Works/White Barn Candle Company’s Fresh Balsam and I don’t care if I light that candle religiously from November through January, I am wearing this polish all year long! Definitely smells like a Christmas tree or fresh wreath and this polish was one of the more bold scents that lasted longer than the others. You need this in your collection. Period.

Revlon Parfumerie Tropical Rain

Tropical Rain

Disappointed that Powder Puff didn’t smell exactly like baby powder? Well don’t fret! Tropical Rain does! Yeah, I know… “Tropical Rain”. But no, this polish, although a BEAUTIFUL shade of blue and also a shimmery finish to boot- smells nothing like it’s name suggests. I even asked my husband to take a whiff when I finished painting my nails with it the other night and his first response: “Baby powder.” Strange! I do not smell anything fruity, tropical or island-like and this was one of the shades I was excited about for it’s fragrance based on it’s name. The color is very pretty: a bright, bold sky blue with cobalt iridescent shimmer throughout. Be warned though: aside from it’s mismatched scent, this polish was one of the hardest to apply! I think the issue is, the surface dries sooo quickly that when you go back to do the other side of your nail, you pull away the first swipe a little bit. Work quickly with this polish and you might fare better than I did. Because of what I’ve mentioned, this polish was my least favorite of the bunch and it’s a shame because it is a lovely color.

Revlon Parfumerie Espresso


Lastly, Espresso. Deep, rich, dark and mysterious black polish with a blue undertone- the first coat almost goes on with a jelly-like finish. I LOVED the formula to this one and it was opaque with two coats. On my nails, it’s definitely black but as you’re painting with it, you can see the blueish-gray base throughout. The scent is a strong bold coffee fragrance but with a touch of musk and sandalwood. It reminds me of after dinner dessert and drinks at a fancy Italian restaurant! My husband always orders an espresso with a lemon peal. The good news is, this polish doesn’t have that bitter, burnt tire smell to it. Just a rich, pleasant coffee tone. Also one of the polish scents that lingered the longest on my nails- about four days.

So that’s it! All twenty-four nail polish shades and scents in Revlon’s newest Parfumerie collection within two of these blog posts. Like I said last time, I really do love this line of nail polishes and I am super impressed that Revlon came out with gorgeous shades and fragrances that were more mature and pleasing compared to their older line of scented polishes. For the most part, these are a dream to apply and two coats is all you need. You can get about four to six days of no chipping or peeling without a top coat and with a top coat- I went a week and a half!

If you’ve been wondering what each bottle smells like, what finishes and formulas are offered in this line, how they perform or what the colors truly look like once painted on the nails, I hope I was able to answer some of those questions and maybe aid in your decision on which ones you should pick up for your own collection next time you’re at the drugstore. Please leave a comment below telling me if you’ve tried any yet, which ones are you favorites and which ones were a disappointment or which shades you’re dying to get your hands on! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by!

It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics: Review & Swatches

 BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

Close up of the beautiful shades in the BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette

A few weeks ago I pre-ordered the new It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics because I had seen a few promising YouTube reviews and hey, let’s face it: I’m a sucker for browns and purples on my blue eyes. The price point seemed great at $14.95 compared to some of my higher-end palettes in the $50+ range and I’ve always enjoyed watching Judy on her YouTube channel It’s Judy Time. I like the idea of beauty gurus teaming up with cosmetic companies to create their own personalized makeup palettes. Prior to this purchase, I had never owned any BH Cosmetic eyeshadows so I was curious to see how they would perform. Once this palette arrived earlier in week, I began to play around with it every day to make sure I could give an honest and thorough review for you.

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

Outside packaging

First off: Packaging. I personally LOVE when eyeshadow palettes are sleek, slender and travel-friendly and this palette is all three! It reminds me of my Lorac Pro Palette except for that rubbery feel on the outside (which I am not a fan of because it can leave a lot of fingerprints). The case is in sturdy cardboard with a black matte finish and gold lettering and closes securely with a magnetic flap in the front. Very chic!

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

The shade selection

Inside are 12 shades of 6.75g/.24oz each (about the size of a penny) and the colors are mainly neutrals with a few pops of purple and blue. Not that it’s a big deal, but I do like it when each eyeshadow color has a name or number underneath and I was a little disappointed to see these colors were not named by Judy. I think that might have been a fun little touch. The mirror on the top flap is not very big so that might be annoying for those expecting a large enough mirror to use during the application process but 9 times out of 10, I hardly use my palette’s mirrors anyway.

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

“Natural is beautiful, but makeup is glam” and I couldn’t agree more with Judy!

Let’s start with the top row from left:

  • A matte, light peachy-beige (peachier than MAC’s Orb but close), perfect for highlighting or blending (this shade happens to be close to my natural skin tone so I’ll use it more for blending)
  • A warm, matte sable-brown similar to MAC’s Soft Brown (which I love for my transition area or for more blending)
  • A shimmery golden-brown close to MAC’s Woodwinked but more on the warm side (again, could be for the transition area)
  • A pink-toned, medium matte brown
  • A deep, cocoa matte brown (definitely crease-worthy!) like MAC’s Embark
  • And a shimmery dark brown, reminiscent of MAC’s Carbonized

And then on the bottom row from left:

  • The perfect “copper penny” color with lots of shimmer like MAC’s Honey Lust but a tad darker
  • A rich, burnt orangey-brown with a metallic finish, the most buttery shadow in this palette and totally stunning!
  • The darkest shade of the bunch (believe-it-or-not!), this matte, deep brownish-black base has sparkly flecks of burgundy throughout and is a very close dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Blackheart (and dare I say I like this shade even better?!)
  • A medium, cool-toned purple frosty-metallic that almost appears to be a duochrome (it’s not unfortunately) and is a close dupe for Urban Decay’s Vice 2 Betrayal
  • A satin, what I would call “periwinkle” (GORGEOUS on the eye!) but probably the shade I had the most trouble with as you do need patience to build it and it was the chalkiest of the bunch
  • And finally, a dark, navy blue matte base with royal blue sparkles throughout which seemed a tad on the “gritty side” to me

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wait to swatch this puppy because the colors look so stunning together. However… my initial thoughts when swatched dry with my fingertips on the back of my hand? I was NOT impressed and started to get worried. None of the YouTube videos I watched commented on how poorly they swatch and so I almost wondered at first if there was something wrong with my palette because I expected to feel buttery soft shadows that glided on like a dream. Unfortunately, no. Take a peek:

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

Swatched dry with fingertips

The matte shades felt chalky which I know can happen with even higher-end brands and there seemed to be a lot of flakiness with the shimmery shades. I then decided to grab a flat shader brush and see how these applied when dampened a bit, since I know that can really bring out the metallic effect in some shadows and help achieve better color pay-off:

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

Swatched with a damp flat shader brush

Much better! I felt now I could really see how these might perform on my eyelids since I always wear a primer anyway. I decided to put them to the real test, because come on! Who just buys an eyeshadow palette to swatch it on the back of your hand? Well, my lovely readers, you’ll be happy to know that despite the fact that these shadows did not swatch very well initially, they did show up nicely on my eyelids and I had no trouble blending them and patting them on gently to build up color and I did NOT use a damp brush or wet the shadows in any way. In fact, I learned a lesson not to always trust hand-swatching in the future.

I am impressed with the pigments in most of these shades. They blended into each other easily and I achieved a nice color-payoff right away: I didn’t have to keep going back in to add more except for that periwinkle color. However, it’s worth it to have patience because once you work with that shade, you do achieve a lovely, vibrant punch of color! These shadows lasted all day on my lids with a primer and I do tend to get oily so I was impressed they didn’t transfer, have any fall-out or crease during the day. Very happy with the wearability of the shadow formula.

Here’s the look I got by using that light, peachy-beige for blending and a highlight, the warm, matte sable in my transition area with a touch of the shimmery golden-brown (see why names or numbered shadows would make this so much easier to explain?) and finally the periwinkle on my lid and the cocoa matte brown on my outer v blended slightly into the crease:

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

A fun, neutral eye look with a pop of color to really bring out my blue eyes!

Despite the fact that there are some close color dupes to MAC and Urban Decay shadows, would I say this palette is along the same lines in terms of quality? Unfortunately no. With MAC, Urban Decay, Lorac, TooFaced and the very high-end Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, etc., you are paying for the high quality you’d expect. But for only $14.95, I would definitely say this is a great palette to add to your collection with good quality shadows that perform very well. I’d compare them to Wet n Wild’s Color Icon shadows which I’m obsessed with because for the price-point, and used with a decent primer, you can’t go wrong!

What does make this palette stand out in my collect is the fact that Judy did a fantastic job at putting together 12 coordinating shades that will all work nicely with one another. I know that’s not easy to do and I give her credit. A lot of my pricey eyeshadow palettes are not even coordinated this well. And, as you can probably already see, all of these shadows are on the warmer side, except for those last three cool-toned purples and blue, which again, work wonderful next to the warm neutrals! I also love that there are some shades here that I don’t have any dupes for in my collection.

Overall, I’d give this palette a thumbs up and if you’ve been stalking the BH Cosmetics site or YouTubing reviews like I was, just go ahead and order it already! You’ll be happy you did! Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment below letting me know what YOU think of your It’s Judy Time palette and what kinds of fun eyeshadow looks you’ve created using it!

BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

FOTD featuring the It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette by BH Cosmetics